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Words About My Son on His Tenth Birthday

We celebrated my youngest son’s tenth birthday today. And not to sound like an old guy, but I can’t believe how quickly ten years has passed. He’s transformed from this big, long baby into a tall, tough, yet sensitive boy, and the changes have been so incremental, so infinitesimal when observed on a day-to-day basis,... Read more »

My Dumb Drinking Glass Habit

I’ve written about food on this blog before. I like to eat (don’t trust anyone who doesn’t like to eat) so it only makes sense that in a couple hundred posts, a few of them would relate to food. I’ve written about cereal, which is one of the most processed items in a grocery store,... Read more »

Melania Trump Plagiarism Fits With the Rest of Donald Trump's Lies

So parts of wanna-be First Lady Melania Trump’s speech at this year’s Republican National Convention appear to be lifted directly from actual First Lady Michelle Obama’s speech at the 2008 Democratic National Convention. After my initial reaction (What the Fuck?!)—which I’m sure is the same reaction as almost everyone else in the world—it occurred to... Read more »