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Childhood: It's Just a Phase So Don't Miss It

There’s a picture of my two sons hanging on the wall at the top of the stairs, just outside their bedroom. They’re both wearing Bears jerseys, and they have their arms around each other. They look so genuinely happy that I smile just thinking about it. The picture was taken in April 2009, when my... Read more »

We Can Do Better Than Donald Trump, Can't We?

America, this is your wake up call! Pay attention. Stop sleeping. Urgent action is needed. Donald Trump has a 22-point lead in the Republican primary. Twenty-two points! Somehow 41% of Republicans support Trump for president. How is this possible? This is Donald Trump we’re talking about. The hair. The divorces. The gold seat belt buckles.... Read more »

More Recess Won't Make Your Kid Dumber

Will your child do better in school if they have more recess? That’s the question posed by a segment on The Today Show this past Monday. I didn’t see the segment, but a similar story appears to have aired on the same program ten days earlier. It focuses on an elementary school in Texas where,... Read more »

The 939 Saturdays of Childhood

I’ve written often about my obsession with time, and my hope that if I’m conscious of its passage that I can somehow slow it down. Or, if I can’t slow it down, at least try to appreciate it. There are many things in life that we can’t get back once they’re gone, and time is... Read more »

I'm Back After Quitting the Internet

I’m back on the Internet. Did you miss me? Probably not, I suppose. Although actually, I didn’t desert the Internet as intensely as I had planned when I wrote Why I’m Quitting the Internet a couple of months ago. It’s safe to say I used the Internet less than you did though. So if I... Read more »