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Sometimes Lost Friends are the Best Friends

I’ll give you one guess who was the most popular kid in Carl Sandburg Elementary school in Springfield, Illinois from August 1983 through October 1987. Here’s a hint, I’m probably the only person you know who attended that school during those years. Ding, ding, ding. You’re right! I was the most popular kid in school... Read more »

Take Your Kids to the Park

Today was one of those days that we’ll dream about in the middle of January. Sunny, mid-seventies, only some gorgeous, puffy cumulus clouds in the sky. The word perfect was invented for days like this. And, of course, I had to spend the day at work. Damnit! However, when the kids got home from school... Read more »

She's Not My Stepdaughter, She's My Daughter

My stepdaughter turned eighteen a couple of months ago. Legally speaking I suppose she’s an adult. Practically speaking, she’s just like every other eighteen-year-old, straddling the line between childhood and adulthood. She’s out of high school, just started cosmetology school, and is working on figuring out the rest of her life. Today is National Stepfamily... Read more »

1% Is Very Small

Yesterday CNN released a poll that showed 32% of registered Republican voters support Donald Trump for president. If the Republican primaries were held tomorrow I’d be worried about that number. However, Trump has plenty of time to implode, and for voters to grow tired of his craziness. At some point—hopefully before they go into the... Read more »

Does Handwriting Matter?

When I was in third grade, our teacher, Mrs. Hall, handed out pens to students whose cursive writing was exceptionally neat. I remember being very disappointed one day because I thought I’d been doing well, but didn’t get a pen. I can’t recall if I ever got a pen or not. I’m sorry to say... Read more »

Usefulness Can Be Short-Lived

I’m not working Monday. It’s Labor Day. The irony of not working on Labor Day is not lost on me. Perhaps the holiday should more correctly be called Rest Day. Or No Labor Day. Or even, Why Are We Off Again Day. I guess we deserve the day off. We work hard, but generations of... Read more »

Can We Please Stop Describing Food as Sexy?

I like food. It tastes good, it smells good, it makes me happy. Although I lean vegetarian, I do enjoy all types of food from time-to-time, including dead animal flesh (or meat as we call it in our sanitized food vernacular). I watch cooking shows, and one of the things that’s always mentioned on cooking... Read more »