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Taylor Swift and the End of My Musical Elitism

I recently wrote about courage, and how the word is often overused. If one man’s courage is another man’s cowardice, then it should never really be called courage. Now, maybe I’m being a little melodramatic, but what I’m about to write is outrageously courageous. (Those two words do not go well together. But they actually... Read more »

I Can Count and Alphabetize Better Than You

What am I good at? Is it a sign of low self-esteem that I can’t immediately think of anything that I’m good at? I know how to make a good grilled cheese sandwich. Peanut butter and jelly, too. I’m not a bad parent. Although I guess if my kids end up spending most of their... Read more »

Repeal the Second Amendment

Nine more people have been murdered. This time in a church in Charleston, South Carolina. If you’ve been paying attention to the news for the last couple of decades in the United States, it should come as no surprise that someone used a gun to murder these people. You should also be unsurprised in the... Read more »

My Dad Helped Me Become Me

I love being a dad. Watching my four children as they grow, learn new things, and have new adventures always makes me happy, and knowing that I’m helping to shape the people they have and will become makes proud. They’re great kids and I hope I’m doing a good job being their dad. My wife... Read more »

Are You Courageous, or Just an Idiot?

It didn’t take long for CNN anchor Fredricka Whitfield to realize that when she referred to the Dallas police station shooter as courageous and brave that she’d made a mistake. Luckily, social media and ten million news sources exist to remind her. She apologized today and says that she misspoke. Fair enough. I’ll give her... Read more »

Defending My Real Housewives Fandom

I’m surprised that reality television is still a thing. Back when it first began to take off I was sure that it would be a passing phase, and the public would get tired of these shows that are more accurately called non-scripted shows than reality shows. Actually, the non-scripted claim is probably a lie also,... Read more »

A Grandma I Never Met, and Her Impact on My Life

Somehow I ended up with the best parents in the world. I’ve always been grateful to have them, and I know that I’m the badass I am today in large part because of them. Most people would consider themselves fortunate to have great parents. However, I ended up with the coolest grandparents ever, as well.... Read more »

Fear Can Be Useful When Parenting

I’m not generally a fearful person. I don’t cross over to the other side of the street when I see a rough looking dude coming the other way. I stand by windows during thunderstorms. And Homeland Security’s old color-coded terror scale amused me more than worried me. I’m not some macho nitwit who covers my... Read more »

My Love Letter to a Knife

My Darling Chef’s Knife, At first I thought I might feel silly writing a love letter to you. I mean you’re an inanimate object, and I’m an animate object, and it’s sort of unusual for one to love the other enough to actually write a letter, don’t you think? Although, I will say, that if... Read more »

The Most Memorable Place I've Ever Lived

I have fond memories of most places I’ve lived. Whether it’s the house where I lived for sixteen years with my parents, or one night I spent in the Omni Hotel on Michigan Avenue, I’ve enjoyed most places where I’ve put my head down for the night. Before I go any further, let me talk... Read more »