8 Sad Songs too Beautiful to Avoid

Do you have tissues by your side? If not, go get some, because you're going to need them.

Now, I don't want to be a downer or anything, but I like sad songs. Sometimes. I'm not going to ruin a perfectly sunny day by moping around to some artist's lament about how horrible the world is, but there are times when perfectly placed melancholy really hits the spot. Sad songs are the sonic equivalent of an overcast day.


As I compiled this list, I thought about the Billy Ocean song, There'll Be Sad Songs (To Make You Cry). I did not include that on my list, mostly because it sucks. So a song being sad isn't enough. It has to be good. And since it's a sad song, it has to be extra good. It has to be good enough that you're willing to overcome the sadness to listen to it.

So before you cry out, "I hate sad songs!" click through the list below, spend some time listening, and I'll bet you change your mind. What you really mean is "I hate sad songs that suck."

These songs don't suck.

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