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My Favorite Year

There may be no sadder word in the English language than the word paracme. I’d never heard of it until an NPR story a couple of years ago, so don’t feel bad if you don’t know it. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, paracme means, “A point or period at which the prime or highest... Read more »

The Years I Played Baseball

For twelve years in a row I spent my summers playing baseball. I started with T-ball when I was five years old, and played through the summer that I turned sixteen. Sandy Koufax also played twelve years, but that’s where the similarities between the two of us end. My dad instilled a love of the... Read more »

Short Fiction: Pizza Please

“I’ll be back at nine o’clock to pick her up,” the woman said. Marcy Plimpton nodded, smiled and began closing the door. “Is that okay?” the woman asked. “Nine o’clock? Tomorrow morning.” Marcy opened the door. “That’ll be fine,” she said. “All of the other girls’ parents are planning to pick them up around that... Read more »