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Today's Rant: Seating position in the VW Passat

I just swapped into the 2013 VW Passat TDI with a 6-speed manual transmission. Before I sat in the driver’s seat, I was elated. I love driving a stick shift. And Vee-Dub typically does a great job with them. In fact, one of my favorite cars (a car I could own) is the Jetta with... Read more »

VW launches 2013 Super Bowl Commercial

For the past 2 years, VW has managed to create memorable Super Bowl commercials. I mean, who doesn’t remember the cute kid dressed as Darth Vader who managed to turn on the Passat using the force? Or what about the overweight dog who had to train so it could keep up with the new Beetle... Read more »

VW launches hybrid Jetta

I recently had the chance to attend the launch of the all-new VW Jetta Hybrid in Santa Fe, NM. My driving partner was Dan Gray of MPGomatic. And when he pieced together his video review, I made a cameo appearance. Or at least, @girlinthetrunk did. I’ll be uploading pictures and review soon, but in the... Read more »

7 cars for people with active lifestyles

Urban (MSRP at or below $20,000): 2013 Kia Soul
As a marathon runner, I often find myself packing test vehicles with smelly runners, hauling backpacks and gear and, occasionally, changing in the back seat. Some vehicles are obviously more versatile than others. And some vehicles go above and beyond for those of us with active lifestyles. Enter the Active Lifestyle Vehicle of the Year.... Read more »

Today's Rant: VW Golf Bluetooth woes

Today's Rant: VW Golf Bluetooth woes
Living in Chicago, I find hands-free Bluetooth to be the new must-have in a car. Which is why I was particularly put out by the Bluetooth connectivity in the 2012 VW Golf. First, the pairing was a bit awkward to begin with. Then, every time I got an email, text message, Facebook alert, tweet mention,... Read more »

Stop farding!

Yeah. You heard me. I just told you to stop farding. And no, that’s not a typo. For those of us too young to remember Rush Limbaugh’s (in)famous “farding” comment back in the ’80s, I’ll give you the definition: Putting on makeup while driving. While Rush was being snarky and snotty with his original comments,... Read more »

VW GTI plaid seats: Love it or hate it?

VW GTI plaid seats: Love it or hate it?
When I was testing the VW GTI last week, there was so much to like from the compact size to the heated cloth seats. But, what I couldn’t quite make up my mind on was the plaid nature of those seats. I put it out there on Twitter and it seems that people either love... Read more »

Super Bowl XLV: automotive commercials

I’m sad to admit I’m actually going to miss the Super Bowl for the first time in my adult life because I’m traveling to Colorado Springs for work. To console myself, I decided to head to YouTube and find some of the automotive commercials I’ll be missing. My fave: 2011 Hyundai Elantra (kind of creepy,... Read more »

2012 Volkswagen Passat Super Bowl Ad

Other than the Chicago Auto Show, the Super Bowl is one of my favorite car times. I love the creativity of automakers and their commercials. And, since the Bears didn’t make it into Super Bowl XLV, I won’t feel bad about ignoring the game and watching the ads. Here’s a little preview from Volkswagen. May... Read more »

Volkswagen joins the hybrid fray with Touareg

2011 VW Touareg Hybrid For 2011, Volkswagen is introducing an all-new Touareg. This means a new design, new standard features, a new 8-speed transmission and (new to VW altogether) a hybrid. I had the chance to spend an hour driving around Chicago yesterday in the new hybrid, and even though it was a brief sojourn,... Read more »