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Today's Rant: VW Golf Bluetooth woes

Today's Rant: VW Golf Bluetooth woes
Living in Chicago, I find hands-free Bluetooth to be the new must-have in a car. Which is why I was particularly put out by the Bluetooth connectivity in the 2012 VW Golf. First, the pairing was a bit awkward to begin with. Then, every time I got an email, text message, Facebook alert, tweet mention,... Read more »

So, whadahyawannaknow? Fiat 500

Nope. It's actually quite roomy. Plus, the smart car doesn't have a backseat whereas the Fiat 500 does. I thought headroom and legroom were quite nice. In fact, I had a 5'10'' passenger in the front seat who made just those comments. I thought the trunk space was also really decent at 9.5 cubic-feet.
In typical fashion, I asked my tweeps what they wanted to know about the Fiat 500 when I swapped into it. I got 7 questions rather than the 2 or 3 I normally get. So, I decided to format this as a photo gallery this week and give long-form answers in the captions. Here’s to... Read more »