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Photo gallery: 2013 Toyota Prius Plug-in

The Toyota Prius is the quintessential hybrid. It was the first and is still arguably the best hybrid on the market currently. So, how do you make it better? By adding a plug-in charge option? Well, it depends. In a place like Chicago for the majority of people, it’s not going to make sense because... Read more »

Photo gallery: 2013 Toyota Prius c

The Toyota Prius c is the newest — and smallest — addition to the family Prii. With a base price of  $18,950 and an EPA estimated combined city/highway fuel economy of 50 mpg, the Prius c is an incredibly practical city car. Stay tuned for my Chicago-worthy review, but I’ll give you a hint: This... Read more »

Today's Rave: Toyota Prius c trip summary

Today's Rave: Toyota Prius c trip summary
My first drive in the Toyota Prius c was a 300-mile straight shot between Chicago and Lima, Ohio. And I was more than ready to get out of the car by the time I got there. So, I missed the Trip Summary that appears when you shut off the car. Then every time I shut... Read more »

Whadahyawannaknow? 2012 Hyundai Veloster

Per usual, when I swapped into the 2012 Hyundai Veloster, I asked my Tweeps: Any questions? Two of my followers came back with: What’s the view out the rear like? I don’t think it’s that bad–certainly not as bad as the new Land Rover Evoque, and probably about on par with the Toyota Prius. The... Read more »

Toyota Prius: It's getting real in the Whole Foods parking lot

I wanted to share this just because it made me laugh. I had it on my Facebook page last week, and it seems to have gone viral. So, in case you missed it, it’s worth a good chuckle. Put your little hybrid in reverse and go out the way you came in.

Win a Toyota Prius at the Chicago Auto Show

All you have to do is go to the Chicagoland Toyota Dealer’s Facebook page and enter the Toyota 2011 Chicago Auto Show Prius Giveaway contest. It’s really that simple. Of course, there are things you can do to stack the deck. Such as getting friends to enter the contest as well, liking the Toyota dealers... Read more »