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Acura NSX Super Bowl commercial: #JerrysNSX

Of all the automotive commercials that have been pre-released before the big game, the Acura NSX commercial with Jerry Seinfeld is may favorite. I mean, jet pack flying squirrel suit? I’m still laughing out loud.     If this isn’t your favorite, which is? Haven’t seen them all, check out my 2012 Super Bowl commercial... Read more »

Super Bowl XLV: automotive commercials

I’m sad to admit I’m actually going to miss the Super Bowl for the first time in my adult life because I’m traveling to Colorado Springs for work. To console myself, I decided to head to YouTube and find some of the automotive commercials I’ll be missing. My fave: 2011 Hyundai Elantra (kind of creepy,... Read more »

2012 Volkswagen Passat Super Bowl Ad

Other than the Chicago Auto Show, the Super Bowl is one of my favorite car times. I love the creativity of automakers and their commercials. And, since the Bears didn’t make it into Super Bowl XLV, I won’t feel bad about ignoring the game and watching the ads. Here’s a little preview from Volkswagen. May... Read more »