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Photo gallery: 2012 Kia Rio Sedan

One of the best compact cars I’ve driven this summer is the 2013 Kia Rio Sedan. Actually, it might be one of the best cars I’ve driven this year. It has a lot of value packed into a base price of $13,600, including Bluetooth connectivity, USB port and steering wheel audio controls. And if you... Read more »

What would you do if you had a Rolls-Royce for 2 days?

Last week I had the rare (very rare) opportunity to drive a Rolls-Royce Ghost for 2 days. So, naturally, I asked my tweeps and Facebook fans what they would do with such a car. While I couldn’t bring myself to do most of them (frankly, I’m shy), I did get a good laugh reading the... Read more »

2011 Infiniti M37: Roomy but expensive

I liked the 2011 Infiniti M37. But it was mostly for all the gadgets and geegaws that were included in the $60K price tag. The navigation system worked really well, and I fully appreciated the voice commands that got it right the first time. The rear camera was helpful for those tight city maneuvers, and... Read more »

Mazda6 is attractive but basic

When I think of Mazda, I think of zippy cars with a great turning radius. Other adjectives that also come to mind: sporty, cute, fun-to-drive, engaging.   However, with the Mazda6 the vision kind of sputtered and stuttered. Not that this is a bad car. Actually it’s quite good for a mid-size sedan with a... Read more »

Today's Rave: Mazda6 greeting lights

As a single woman, I appreciate anything that not only makes my life a little easier but also a little safer. The Mazda6 does that in two ways: the exterior greeting light and the red ring around the ignition. The parking lot where I work is kind of dark at night, so the little welcome... Read more »

Toyota Avalon is ho-hum nice

I recently had the chance to test a Toyota Avalon, and I have to say it met with mixed reviews. There was nothing particularly wrong with the car … but nothing was exceptionally right either. The particular faves included: Suave LED taillights Spacious trunk Nice and roomy interior Decent MPGs But that’s about it. There... Read more »

Made in Chicago

2010 Ford Taurus During my time in the Taurus, I spent a lot of time on the highway driving to and from Indianapolis. That’s between 7 and 8 hours of total seat time. And every single minute was perfectly comfortable. The seats afforded an excellent driving position for my petite frame, and even though it... Read more »

Now this is a Mazda!

2010 Mazda3 So, after I kind of reamed the Mazda6 in a previous blog post, I was much relieved to get a an all-new 2010 Mazda3 in my parking spot this week. This is my kind of Mazda! Plucky, zippy, attractive, petite, decent turning radius. In other words: The perfect Chicago vehicle. I’ve always loved... Read more »

Kia Kool

2010 Kia Soul OK. I know I’m reaching here, but headlines have never been my thing. And I really am trying to convey a sense that Kia is an automaker worth checking out. Don’t scrunch your nose at me. It’s true. Have you seen what they’ve done lately? Two all-new cars for 2010, which are... Read more »

Mazda6 repeat proves first impression rings true

2010 Mazda6 I drive a lot of cars. A lot of cars. And I’ve learned one thing throughout the process: First impressions are usually correct. I had previously attended a media preview of the Mazda6, and we had a couple of hours of presentations and a couple of hours behind the wheel. While I thought... Read more »