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Today's Rave: Toyota RAV4 rear-view camera

Rear-view backup camera in the 2011 Toyota RAV4 Sport.Imagine that. Putting a camera in the rear-view mirror. You know, where your eyes naturally go when you’re backing out of a parking spot. Sometimes you have to wonder why this didn’t catch on sooner. I have seen this feature in Ford and GM vehicles, but this... Read more »

Today's Rave: Infiniti QX56 Around View Monitor

Infiniti Around View Monitor The Infiniti QX56 is one big puppy. With a length of 208.3 inches and a turning radius of 41.6 (ouch!) inches, it’s not an easy vehicle to maneuver in tight spaces. So, the QX isn’t quite my idea of an urban vehicle. Thus the standard Around View Monitor is key. The... Read more »