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Great Groupon today: racetrack driving

I get out to a racetrack several times a year, and one of the best tracks I’ve ever driven on is at the Autobahn Country Club out in Joliet. Sure it’s a bit of a hike, but believe me it’s worth it. Today’s Groupon is $159 for 3 laps on this curvy road course …... Read more »

This won't attract attention at all

2010 Audi R8 with V-10 engine It’s red. It’s gorgeous. And it’s going to attract a lot of attention. So the question is, where in Chicago can I drive (and park!) this beautiful beast to get the most mileage on the see-me factor? I’m absolutely accepting suggestions. I know there’s some lakefront time in my... Read more »

Last weekend of the show: Top 10 things to see

Jeep Test Track at the Chicago Auto Show You have two days left to see the Chicago Auto Show. Since it’s a weekend, you can get your bottom dollar that it’s going to be crowded. So, the best plan is to have a route mapped out before you go to McCormick Place. Check out this... Read more »