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Photo Gallery: Ford Flex

Retro quirk. That’s how my sister describes the 2013 Ford Flex. And, when you think about it, that’s just about right. The elongated form and faux side paneling give it an air of a different age. But all the tech gadgets inside show the SUV’s true colors. My sister says retro, I say just plain... Read more »

Today's Rave: Cavernous headroom in Ford Flex

Today's Rave: Cavernous headroom in Ford Flex
I love a good functional test in one of my cars. So, whenever I can, I bring friends into the process because, like it or not, there are some things that a single, petless, petite driver just can’t test. Last night, I took the Ford Flex out to Northbrook so that a pair of friends... Read more »

Today's Rave: Dodge Grand Caravan nav images

At first I thought the sprawl of white streets on the 2011 Dodge Grand Caravan navigation system was a bit intimidating. But once I actually engaged the system and it gave me directions, it was a different story. The level of detail was phenomenal — from the arrows directing you to the lanes you should... Read more »

Toyota Sienna: Swagger Wagon or Blue Bomber?

My sister and I affectionately called the 2011 Toyota Sienna tester “The Blue Bomber.” Though, of course, the South Pacific Pearl paint is more of a teal. Blue just goes better with bomber. So, we went with it. As a single female in the city, a minivan isn’t quite my vehicle of choice, but Toyota... Read more »