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What would you do if you had a Rolls-Royce for 2 days?

Last week I had the rare (very rare) opportunity to drive a Rolls-Royce Ghost for 2 days. So, naturally, I asked my tweeps and Facebook fans what they would do with such a car. While I couldn’t bring myself to do most of them (frankly, I’m shy), I did get a good laugh reading the... Read more »

2011 Infiniti M37: Roomy but expensive

I liked the 2011 Infiniti M37. But it was mostly for all the gadgets and geegaws that were included in the $60K price tag. The navigation system worked really well, and I fully appreciated the voice commands that got it right the first time. The rear camera was helpful for those tight city maneuvers, and... Read more »

Toyota Avalon is ho-hum nice

I recently had the chance to test a Toyota Avalon, and I have to say it met with mixed reviews. There was nothing particularly wrong with the car … but nothing was exceptionally right either. The particular faves included: Suave LED taillights Spacious trunk Nice and roomy interior Decent MPGs But that’s about it. There... Read more »