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2014 Kia Soul: Five surprising things on the all-new model

2014 Kia Soul: Five surprising things on the all-new model
By now, you’ve probably seen the new Kia Soul ad featuring a sleeked out, slimmed down hamsters and Lady GaGa’s “Applause” song. While I thought the ad was funny, and I blogged about it, I didn’t really get the full import of the commercial until I drove the 2014 model. This next-gen Soul might look... Read more »

7 cars for people with active lifestyles

Urban (MSRP at or below $20,000): 2013 Kia Soul
As a marathon runner, I often find myself packing test vehicles with smelly runners, hauling backpacks and gear and, occasionally, changing in the back seat. Some vehicles are obviously more versatile than others. And some vehicles go above and beyond for those of us with active lifestyles. Enter the Active Lifestyle Vehicle of the Year.... Read more »

Chicago Auto Show: Kia Track'ster Concept

Playing on the dream theme from their Optima Super Bowl commercial, Kia decided to say “what if” to the Kia Soul. What if you could add more power to the Soul? What if you could make the quirky 4-door a coupe? What if you could take a great selling car and make it bold, sporty... Read more »

Kia marketing rocks

First the dancing hamsters with the Soul. Then the sock monkey and his friends in the Sorento. Now we have the Rio animation characters and the all-new 2012 Kia Rio. I don’t know how they think this stuff up, but I’m glad they do.

Kia "New Way to Roll" commercial still cracks me up

I just love the little bee-bopping hamsters in this Kia Soul commercial. …