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F-150 Fuel Challenge ... Storified

So this is my first foray into Storify. I figured a good way to start would be with the Ford F-150 Fuel Challenge … where there was a lot of Twitter going on. I tried to capture the highlights. Would love to know what you think not only about the challenge … and the results,... Read more »

Day 1: 2011 Ford F-150 Fuel Challenge

Jill’s MPGs after her 4.5-hour segment hypermiling in a 2011 Ford F-150 with EcoBoost. After one day with the CleanMPG guys, I wish I could tell you I’m a reformed lead foot. But I’m not. Yet. They do, however, have one more day to convert me. Day 1 was a tough day for the 30... Read more »

30 mpg in a Ford F-150? Hmmm

F-150 test track travels through St. Louis on the way to the challenge start point in LA. Personally I’m a bit skeptical. But for some reason, the guys at CleanMPG not only think they can do it, but they also think they can teach me to do it, too. So, at 10 o’clock tonight I... Read more »