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Dodge Challenger: 'Freedom' Commercial

So, I’m watching the Packers/Lions game and just caught the “Freedom” commercial Dodge launched in June (3 times within about a minute, I might add … annoying). Don’t know how I missed this in July when it was clearly launched for Independence Day. But, I thought it was an interesting anachronism. Not sure how I... Read more »

See it here first: new Nissan Juke commercial

Last week, I was able to trek around Chicago in the all-new, not-yet-released Nissan Juke. This week, I’m able to bring you another exclusive: the all-new Juke commercial. Not yet released on TV … or anywhere else really, you can say you saw it here first. Oh, and in case you missed my review, be... Read more »

Anyone remember this Honda commercial?

I was playing dominoes tonight with my sister’s inlaws, when I remembered this great commercial by Honda. It was out about 3 years ago, and portrays a chain reaction using parts from a car. I don’t think this is the American version (notice the side the steering wheel is on), but it’s still pretty damn... Read more »

Kia "New Way to Roll" commercial still cracks me up

I just love the little bee-bopping hamsters in this Kia Soul commercial. …

Chrylser commercial: Man vs. Woman

I know the Super Bowl is long gone, but my boyfriend and I recently got into a discussion about the Chrysler commercial that aired that night (which, coincidentally, I haven’t seen since): Man’s Last Stand. Here’s a bit of a role reversal for you: I thought it was great; he hated it. Huh? I’m still... Read more »

Another great Super Bowl XLIV Commercial: Audi

Even though I haven’t quite jumped on the diesel bandwagon, I think this commercial from Audi that aired during the Super Bowl was hilarious. The last little bit is my favorite!

Another Super Bowl XLIV commercial: Kia

OK, here’s another one to watch from Kia. Below is the embedded “teaser” for the commercial. If you’re intrigued, be sure to visit the website for the full 60-second spot. It’s worth it!

Toyota reliability: Too true

OK, I’ll admit it. I was, in fact, referring to the Toyota Camry in my previous post when I inserted those Zzzzz’s. But when it comes down to it, the Camry’s reliability is basically the best out there right now. So, when I was watching hulu the other night to catch up on my Castle,... Read more »