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Meet @GirlintheTrunk

Meet @GirlintheTrunk
It started as a joke. When I worked for the other media company in town, I used to do video car reviews. And, at one point I did a review of the Corvette ZO6, goggling over the sheer size of the trunk space. Unusual in a 2-seater. So, I mentioned to my videographer that we... Read more »

Dodge Challenger: 'Freedom' Commercial

So, I’m watching the Packers/Lions game and just caught the “Freedom” commercial Dodge launched in June (3 times within about a minute, I might add … annoying). Don’t know how I missed this in July when it was clearly launched for Independence Day. But, I thought it was an interesting anachronism. Not sure how I... Read more »

All-new E-Class: Must be in the front row ...

2010 Mercedes-Benz E-Class You’ve seen them. The cars that get parked in front of a hotel or restaurant. The Bentleys, the Aston Martins and the Lamborghinis. It’s like saying: Hey, we’ve got rich people here. Very, very occasionally, I’ve been the recipient of such first-class treatment. Not because I’m rich, but because I got the... Read more »

Does safe = boring?

2010 Toyota Camry The answer is a resounding: Kind of. I was recently researching a story for my other life as editor in chief at Make It Better for the premiere issue of our magazine. It was about buying a safe car for your teen. So, I was looking at safety, reliability as well as... Read more »

Can a car get you a date?

Yes. I could end my blog entry there, but I’m thinking that you probably need a little more explanation than that. There are cars out there that are meccas for the male mind. Cars that women look at and roll their eyes over. Muscle cars that are more brawn than beauty. But, I’m here to... Read more »