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Photo gallery: 2013 BMW M5

One of my Instagram followers asked me if I’d be sad to turn in the BMW M5 when the test week was over. My answer was an immediate and plosive: No! Not that the M5 isn’t a phenomenal vehicle. It is. I loved it. I loved driving it. I loved shifting the gears. I loved... Read more »

Ladies: Am I the only one who has this problem?

Ladies: Am I the only one who has this problem?
Occasionally — not always — when I drive a manual transmission vehicle, I seem to have a female problem. And, no, not that one. It’s of the 1-inch, 2-inch, 3-inch or 4-inch variety. Heels. I’m talking about heels. When I release the clutch while wearing high heels, the end catches on the floor mat. This... Read more »

Jill's Automotive Minute

OK, so it’s not quite a minute yet. But 1 minute, 9 seconds isn’t bad!  I wanted to try something new and simple. Let me know if you think this works or if you have feedback. The goal: To tell you a couple things about the car du jour, list a couple of news items... Read more »

Top golfers hit the racetrack during BMW Championship

Think it’s all golf and no play when the world’s top golfers come to Chicagoland for the BMW Championship? Think again. BMW invited the golfers to the Autobahn Country Club in Joliet, Ill., for an afternoon of racing last week … and a chance to blow off a little steam.

Tiger Woods, 2012 BMW X3 come to Chicagoland

A view inside the owners tent at the 2010 BMW Championship at Cog Hill. The 2010 BMW Championship returns to Chicagoland, and Tiger Woods tries to defend his title. While it’s not looking good for Tiger, it’s looking great for BMW. Since BMW is the title sponsor for this event at Cog Hill in Lemont,... Read more »

Weekend to-do: cooking & cars

I don’t know about you, but driving cool cars and eating good food are two of my favorite things. Especially when they’re free. And if you take a short drive out to Oakbrook this weekend, you’ll have the chance to taste some exceptional cuisine; witness a culinary competition between Paul Virant of Vie Restaurant and... Read more »