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7 cars for people with active lifestyles

Urban (MSRP at or below $20,000): 2013 Kia Soul
As a marathon runner, I often find myself packing test vehicles with smelly runners, hauling backpacks and gear and, occasionally, changing in the back seat. Some vehicles are obviously more versatile than others. And some vehicles go above and beyond for those of us with active lifestyles. Enter the Active Lifestyle Vehicle of the Year.... Read more »

Weekend at Autobahn Country Club

Weekend at Autobahn Country Club
This weekend Imagine Lifestyles hosted an event at the Autobahn Country Club in Joliet, Ill. They stacked the track with all the cool kids: Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes and Audi. But the kicker is that this event is for real people. A couple times a year, Imagine Lifestyles sells a Groupon for a couple hundred bucks... Read more »

Sneak Peek: 2013 Audi Allroad

The Audi Exchange up in Highland Park managed to get their hands on a couple 2013 Audi Allroads for 2 days. And they kindly offered me the chance to swing by and check it out. Which, of course, I did. This all-new model, though it may look like an A4 wagon, won’t have any A4... Read more »

Great Groupon today: racetrack driving

I get out to a racetrack several times a year, and one of the best tracks I’ve ever driven on is at the Autobahn Country Club out in Joliet. Sure it’s a bit of a hike, but believe me it’s worth it. Today’s Groupon is $159 for 3 laps on this curvy road course …... Read more »

This won't attract attention at all

2010 Audi R8 with V-10 engine It’s red. It’s gorgeous. And it’s going to attract a lot of attention. So the question is, where in Chicago can I drive (and park!) this beautiful beast to get the most mileage on the see-me factor? I’m absolutely accepting suggestions. I know there’s some lakefront time in my... Read more »

Another great Super Bowl XLIV Commercial: Audi

Even though I haven’t quite jumped on the diesel bandwagon, I think this commercial from Audi that aired during the Super Bowl was hilarious. The last little bit is my favorite!

What does this remind you of?

So I swapped into the Mitsubishi Outlander yesterday. And, as I was coming back from lunch, I got a good full-front view of the grille. And I was slightly taken aback at its direct rip off of another manufacturer’s grille. Take off the Mitsubishi badging, add some rings, and what do you have?

A few of my favorite things

These days, most cars are pretty standard fare. Some have whistles and bells. Some are pretty basic. Most serve the needs they set out to achieve. Sometimes I encounter cars like the Subaru Outback that give me something annoying to rant about. And more infrequently I get a car that actually has features that surprise... Read more »

2010 Audi S4: Perfect car for a road trip

I had to head out of town unexpectedly this weekend, and, of course, a band of snow was standing between me and my destination. All I have to say is: I couldn’t have been driving a better car to deal with the situation. The drive from Chicago to Toledo is typically a 4 hour trip... Read more »

The perfect time to drive a convertible in Chicago

You might think I’m kidding, but I’m not. Especially if that convertible is the all-new 2010 Audi A5. With quattro. When this little beaut showed up in my parking spot, I think something along the lines of “Aw sh**” popped into my head. But when I looked at the back and saw the quattro label,... Read more »