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See it here first: new Nissan Juke commercial

Last week, I was able to trek around Chicago in the all-new, not-yet-released Nissan Juke. This week, I’m able to bring you another exclusive: the all-new Juke commercial. Not yet released on TV … or anywhere else really, you can say you saw it here first. Oh, and in case you missed my review, be... Read more »

Nissan Juke makes a quick stop in Chicago

The same buttons that power the D-Mode features also function as HVAC buttons when you hit the Climate button. LOVE the multifunctionality!
Nissan Juke visits Willis Tower Last week, Nissan brought the all-new 2011 Juke out to Chicago for a little social media scavenger hunt. There were 7 of us present who were partnered up and sent off in Jukes provided by Nissan with Clue No. 1. At each stop we were given an assignment (continue reading... Read more »

Prepare to be Juked

2011 Nissan Juke Today Nissan brings their funky new Juke to Chicago for a social media scavenger hunt. I’ll be driving around Chicago this morning looking for clues provided by @NissanNews on twitter and having the chance to test this all new active-lifestyle-vehicle-like, crossover-ish vehicle. Base price is $18,960. Follow me on twitter @Jill_Ciminillo to... Read more »