2015 Mazda3: Great car for anyone who lives in the city

The Mazda3 is a perennial favorite, and the 2015 model is no different. Because of it's utilitarian hatchback and excellent city fuel economy (29 mpg!), it's one of those cars that makes a lot of sense to own in Chicago. It's easy to park, easy to maneuver, and a heck of a lot of fun to drive.

I managed to get out to Montrose Harbor with the car this past fall and snag some photos, and I was struck by how grown up the Mazda3 has become. It's a far cry from the frog faced-car of a few years ago that looked like it should be a character in an animated movie. Completely redesigned in 2014, the Mazda3 is finally a car for grown ups ... who still like to have fun while they drive, of course.

You can check out my full review on Auto Matters. But, in the meantime, check out some of my photos from last fall.

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