Toyota FT-1: The coolest car at the Chicago Auto Show

The Toyota FT-1 is easily the coolest car I've seen on the show floor so far.

Launched in January at the North American International Auto Show, FT stands for "Future Toyota," and the number "1" represents "the ultimate." While there are no official plans to put this car in production, Toyota says that "this concept embodies the possibilities of the new and exciting design mission ahead."

I say: Forget the possibility. Make this car a reality.



The entire press release is on the Toyota Media website.

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  • While I had also read stuff about this might being the next Celica or Supra, one has to consider that this is a niche car already in a small space with the Corvette, maybe Mustang, some Alfa in last month's publications, an M4, etc.

    Also, I might be wrong, but the only Toyota F concept that seemed to go into production was the FJ Cruiser.

    Personally, I am still waiting for the Dodge Copperhead (and undoubtedly keep waiting into infinity, and not the car)

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