A Chicago chair marks the spot

A Chicago chair marks the spot

I know there's snow in the forecast. I get it. I see it out my window falling right now. But, don't you think it's a little early to mark your spot, Chicago? I get that this is a city tradition (albeit an illegal one). But still. When I took this photo at 2 p.m., the snow hadn't even started falling yet.

And this wasn't the only marked spot on my street! There were 3 others. My street is just 2 blocks long.

What really sticks in my craw: This guy didn't even have to work for this spot. It used to be that marking your spot was a bit of a badge of honor. It meant you spent an hour or so clearing out the space properly. You probably also salted it. In a way, you kind of earned the right to mark your territory.

But this? It's brazen laziness. As I glare out my living room window at this lone chair, I'm incredibly tempted to go toss it. Except I'd feel guilty if the unwitting person who takes this spot gets keyed. Hmmm. Dilemma.

I'd love to hear you sound off on this, Chicago. Do you think it's OK to mark your spot? And, are there "rules" to marking your spot? For example: You should only get to mark your spot if you shovel and salt. Or, you can only mark a spot when snow is more than 6 inches.


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  • If the spot is marked before it snows, I assume that the snow plow will push away the chair.

    Otherwise, as you say, it is illegal. If someone wants a reserved parking space, pay for it.

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