2014 Mazda6: Midsize Mazda done right

Finally! After my first round of driving the Mazda6, that's all I could think. Finally, Mazda has made a midsize car I like. Finally, the engine noise isn't obtrusive. Finally, a car worthy of the Mazda moniker. Finally ...

Lest you misinterpret, let me say it plainly: I really liked the 2014 Mazda6.

From the styling to the ride and handling, this midsize car is really well done. I've driven both the the automatic and the manual, and while I prefer the manual, the automatic is actually quite nice as well. And, the engine, well, the engine is phenomenal. My only complaint actually centers around the fact that advanced keyless entry is only available as a package on the Touring model or standard on the Grand Touring model. Either way, you'll have to spend at least $27K to get it. Yet push-button start is standard across the board. Annoying.

Base price for the Sport trim is $20,990.

Be sure to read my full review on DriveChicago.com! In the meantime, enjoy the photos below.

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