How bizarre: Thieves target Honda Civic and Fit wheels?

How bizarre: Thieves target Honda Civic and Fit wheels?

I saw this blog post come through on my Facebook newsfeed, and I just had to share. Honda Civic and Fit owners beware: Your car could get jacked. And by jacked, I don't mean stolen. I mean literally jacked in the air -- so that your tires can be stolen!

Right now reports appear to be centered in the Lakeview area, but if it's happening in one neighborhood, it will likely happen in more.

So, how do you protect your tires? People on the original Reddit post recommend wheel locks or switching out the stock alloy wheels for something cheaper. I've tweeted Honda to see if they've heard about this and will see if they have any recommendations.

In the meantime, has anyone out there seen this? And do you have any recommendations on how to prevent it?

Some past articles on this topic. Seems like this isn't a new trend:


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  • We have had a few sets of neighbors lose their wheels to thieves over the past few years. I think they must just drive through neighborhoods at night and yank

  • It also seems to be the Fit Sport...the wheels fit older Civic models. Wheel locks are the only way I have heard of deterring the crime.

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