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In May, I made ChicagoNow my temporary home for @girlinthetrunk reviews. I had been using a service that shut down, and used this as a temporary resting space while I worked on Now it's up and running, but I warn you, it's still a work in progress. I only have 4 reviews loaded in so far. But, it's enough that you get the idea. I haven't added it yet, but I will enable an email subscription.And, of course, I'll tweet from @girlinthetrunk when I load new reviews.

I'd love to have your thoughts on what you think I should include on

The initial goal: To be a little silly, talk about cargo volume and see how many Ciminillos might fit in a specific space.

Future goals TBA.

"Drive, She Said" will remain my primary home for Chicago-worthy reviews and random thoughts on the cars du jour. So, I hope to see you in both places!

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