Ciminillo as a unit of measure

Ciminillo as a unit of measure
Image created by Adam Music. Check out his blog post:

My friends are nothing if not creative. I mean, I never meant to end up as a unit of measure. But then one of my friends (cough, @msirach) bluntly asked for my height and weight. Fine, 4'11 and 95 pounds. Yes. I'm petite. Then through voodoo math of some sort, he converted me into cubic-feet.

One Ciminillo equals 1.5 cubic-feet of cargo volume.

Not to be outdone, however, another friend (cough, @musicadamt) decided to take it one step further and create a tool by which you can convert yourself into Ciminillos or see how many Ciminillos might fit in a specific volume of space (aka a trunk).

Because I refuse to take myself too seriously, I find this all hilarious.

So, now you too can convert yourself into a Ciminillo. Check it out here.

I would like to point out, though, that whenever you get a 1.25, 5.5 or 9.75 type Ciminillo number, you always round down. There are no half or quarter Ciminillos -- only whole numbers.




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  • Don't forget the prior extensive research that 42.475L = 1 ciminillo"

    Getting back to I first saw you in a picture next to an H2, what has the ciminillo capacity of that?

  • In reply to jack:

    LOL that's right! i've got to see if i can find those photos. i know my dad has a copy. perhaps i'll get a copy at christmas. it would make a good "throwback thursday" shot. i'd estimate that the H2 would fit 26 Ciminillos ...

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