#TruthIn48 with the Audi A6 TDI

As I write this, I'm sitting in the back seat of an Audi A6 with a very singular and aggressive goal: To drive from LA to NYC in 48 hours ... and do better than EPA highway estimates in the process. The car train involves:

Q5: 31 mpg
A7: 38 mpg
A6: 38 mpg

We're on the 10 out of LA at about noon pacific time, and we're averaging 40.9 mpg. I'll try to do video updates, and I'll definitely be tweeting under @jillciminillo with the hashtags #TruthIn48 and #AudiTDI.

My first video update is before the start ...

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  • Fortunately, you stated in the video that there are 12 drivers among 3 cars, instead of implying in the text of the post that you were driving in the back seat, since I don't think you are Shaq in a Buick LaCrosse.

    Another thing you can test is how the cost compares to if you did the comparable trip in a similar Audi gasoline car, given that gasoline prices have been all over the place, while diesel is supposed to give you better mileage and has been pretty stable (at least around here) at about $3.95/gal.

    Then your next test would be whether you would save anything in an E85 Flex Fuel vehicle, given that E85 seems about $1 a gallon less than gasoline but has less energy content.

    Happy computing.

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