#Truthin48 Audi TDI drive wraps up with a bang

After 48 hours without a shower and more than 8-1/2 hours of drive time, I arrived in NYC sleep deprived but giddy with delight (or, more likely, sleep deprivation).

I knew that we had achieved our goal, even if the official numbers weren't in yet.

Want to see how I did during my drive segments and what I look like after 2 days without a shower?

Thank goodness for hats!

Check out my original vlog entry from before we started, to compare. Oh, and if you're looking for a recap of the trip, visit my story on the Chicago Tribune website: Behind the scenes of the Audi 'Truth in 48' drive.

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  • 1. Besides the shower, you can scrub some of the spam off the last post.

    2. Do you need Febreze car fresheners?

    3. On a substantive note, did you read the Car and Driver column on
    Why Your Trip Computer Isn’t Giving Accurate MPG Readings (And How to Fix It)
    ? I assume from your statement that you topped it off in NYC that you used the manual method, although the manufacturers had such explanations as purge of the vapor recovery system and plastic fuel tanks expanding and contracting. They also suggested using mile markers to calibrate the odometer, although I have questions about that since the markers are supposed to be based on the median, and Interstates have curves.

  • In reply to jack:

    1 done
    2 I don't, but whoever is in the car next might ...
    3 our speedo was off by about 2 mpg from our manual calculations ...

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