So, what's the truth about Audi TDIs?

In a simple sentence: They are awesome.

Eleven other journalists and I set out with an ambitious goal on Saturday morning: To drive from LA to NY in 48 hours in 3 different Audi TDIs while achieving EPA estimated highway fuel economy.

It may not seem like a big deal, until you think about it. We were driving through mountains and rain, and still wanted to drive fast enough to make it from coast to coast in 2 days.

Really, what we wanted to prove is that real people could drive these cars in a real situation and still get better fuel economy than the EPA says you should.

And we did.

After 46 hours and 9 minutes, we ended up at our final destination in New York City, and all the in-dash gauges said we had achieved our goal. But we went the extra mile (pun intended) and did our own calculations.

So, how good did we really do?

  • The Q5 beat fuel economy by 24.6% with 38.623 mpg and an average speed of 61.9 mph.
  • The A7 beat fuel economy by 12.25% with 42.653 mpg and an average speed of 62.175 mph.
  • The A6 beat fuel economy by 14.63% with 43.561 mpg and an average speed of 62.44 mph.

We might have driven a little more cautiously than usual. And we might have employed a few hypermiling tricks. But, for the most part, we drove the speed limit -- and in some instances a little faster than the speed limit. Just like real people.

So, to do as well as we did ... I think that's pretty awesome.

While it was a long 48 hours, it was interesting, informative and even a little fun. Below are some photos from the trek.

Be sure to check out my before and after vlogs, as well as my behind-the-scenes write up on the Chicago Tribune website.



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