Honda Civic Si: Video test diary

Honda Civic Si: Video test diary
These are all the gauges that the Honda Civic Si throws at you. Information overload? Or just right?

I decided to try something a little bit different with the Honda Civic Si and do little 1-minute (ish) videos during the test period. This is my first foray into "vlogging," so I'm sure my process will morph over time. Because I lack any video editing skills at this point, the videos are just me talking. Other than making these a real "production," any thoughts on what else I could do or should include would be appreciated.

This vlog only has 3 days worth of video notes, but I had the car for 7 days. So, I feel like I should point out that overall I really liked the Si -- stiff clutch and all. I'm not entirely sure this makes the perfect Chicago vehicle, though, with a stop sign on every corner and rush hour traffic that lasts all day. But it's fun, fast and pretty parkable. Thus, it gets decent marks on the Chicago-worthy scale. Of course, that's only if you don't need to fit backseat passengers on a regular basis.



Chicago-worthy rating: 6. Fuel economy is decent if not stellar, and the compact size makes it a decent city driver. The downside is stiff clutch that makes stop-and-go anything a little bit bothersome for long drives. It's comfortable for road trips, fits groceries (and Ciminillos) well, and with the backup camera on the tester, it's pretty parkable. Base price: $22,515.

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