Have you seen the 2014 Kia Soul Hamster commercial?

Have you seen the 2014 Kia Soul Hamster commercial?

One thing I'll say for Kia: They do a phenomenal job with their marketing. Their Chicago Auto Show press conferences are always the best. Their commercials are guaranteed to make you smile. And, while I'm on it, they do a really good job with their press materials. I still have the "Swiss Army Knife" thumb drive that came complete with scissors and a file. Not quite sure how I made it on a plane with that one ... But I digress.

Kia's newest commercial was posted to YouTube on Aug. 22, and already has almost 800K views. I can see why. In my "other life" I talk about social media and what makes content shareable. The answer, most usually, comes down to emotion. Does something inspire you? Make you cry? Hit the outrage button? Or, does it make you laugh out loud? This one hits high on the humor scale. Well done, Kia.

Now, will you share it? If so ... why?


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  • I'm glad you posted this Jill! I personally can't stand Kia Soul commercials because they try to over-glam a car that's so overly simple. Where I will admit, this recent commercial is much better than the rest (and catchy), I think KIA's original hamster commercials were some of the worst ads around (Minus the T-Mobile girl traveling to unknown destinations on a motorcycle).

    Also, my attitude could probably be traced to last Blackhawks season when we had to endure the flying Kia Soul that appeared to be going into hyper speed every single commercial break. Not only was the song super annoying, but the hampsters were driving at high-speeds and unsafely (the music was very loud). I would be quite concerned if I saw teens in a Kia Soul making rainbows out the side of the passenger window while listening to club music.

  • In reply to baugs27:

    aw, i've always liked the hamster! the soul is an over-simple car, but the stereo system is pretty awesome for a car in this range. which is why i think they're glamming it with music. i find the commercials quirky ... like the car. and, um, good point about the rainbows. i'd be even more concerned if the teens were named molly ...

  • I don't think this one works, because it doesn't associate the hamsters with the car until the end. There is a bit of an implication that the designer was inspired by hamsters doing yoga, but that's on the level of yesterday's Autoline This Week (on Channel 20.1).

    The prior ones had the hamsters driving the car and using the internal boombox, which is apparently the main reason 20 somethings buy this sort of car.

    At least the Swiss Army Knife thumb drive gives you a weapon to use on your computer if it eats your files.

  • In reply to jack:

    yeah. i do think kia assumes that everyone out there has a lot of institutional knowledge ... you see the hamsters and just automatically associate it with the soul. thus, they figure you don't need to see the car until the "big reveal."

  • In reply to Jill Ciminillo:

    That actually brings up the Autoline point, which was that a car maker can spend money on design, and if it is noticeable enough, it advertises itself every day on the street, or the company can spend its money every day for advertising.

    I suppose that the Twilight ads for Ford Fusion sell some cars, but not as much as the Aston-Martin front end.

    There seems to be a similar incomprehensible Southwest Airlines ad at the moment. What the product is is not indicated until the end, but there isn't even the hamster hook.

    And does the obvious competitor Scion advertise at all?

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