Ed Welburn gives a design tour of the 2014 Chevrolet Impala

Ed Welburn gives a design tour of the 2014 Chevrolet Impala

This week, Chevrolet hosted an event in Chicago called #ChevyUrbanStyle, which gave social media influencers and some potential buyers the chance to check out the all-new Chevrolet Impala. In addition to several product experts who were on hand to discuss features on the vehicle, Ed Welburn, GM's Vice President of Global Design, gave a tour of the vehicle. Check it out:



And, of course, there was a @girlinthetrunk photo! Stay tuned to see how many Ciminillos will fit in the Impala's trunk.


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  • Urban Style seems only to work for Ralph Gilles, but I wonder how many 300s and Chargers he sells on the basis of Beats Audio by Dr. Dre.

    Given the usual target market for the Impala, and apparently unlike Cadillac, not doing anything to move it younger, I don't think they care if there are certain styling elements that supposedly were taken from the Camaro.

    Maybe Chevy should be like Hyundai, which doesn't admit that the way to sell its expensive cars is to make them look like Mercedes Benzes.

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