GirlintheTrunk makes ChicagoNow her temporary home

Today shut down. For those of you who follow me, you know that this housed my (hopefully) funny @girlinthetrunk photo posts with a brief review and some trunked-up commentary. It also includes a look at how many (cough) Ciminillos (a real unit of measure that equals 1.5 cubic-feet) fit in the trunk.

So, until I establish hosting and a design for my new website, I'm temporarily going to use "Drive, She Said" to post my weekly trunk du jour.

I've recently taken a bit of flak about posing in the trunk of cars ("what if kids see this and think it's cute, then they get stuck?"), but all I have to say is: this is totally meant in good fun. And if you're truly concerned about the kids, you should probably stop drinking, smoking, swearing and, well, watching TV in front of them, too. #justsaying

As I build my new website, I'm also taking suggestions of what you think it should include. Pictures of me in the trunk, while somewhat humorous, might get old fast. So, if you have any suggestions (real ones, please!) of what else the site should host, please let me know. Some thoughts:

  • User submitted trunk photos
  • A listing of all trunk and cargo capacities for currently model year vehicles
  • Photos of the quirkiest things I -- and you! -- have been able to fit in a cargo area

What else?

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  • How well a Presa Canario can fits in the cargo area of a wagon or crossover.

    My sister and her family are always taking theirs on cross-country trips.

  • The question is whether that site is to be committed only to trunk capacity, when you discuss other stuff here (like lack of fuel economy or Bluetooth connectivity)?

    For instance, you kicking butt in a Lambo would be awesome, that is if someone could see you over the high window sills. Or, as Larry the Cable Guy suggested Tuesday night, connecting Geoff Peterson to a Prius for a real strange hybrid. Except the word he used for connect got bleeped.

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