Today's Rave: Pandora integration on Mazdaspeed3

Today's Rave: Pandora integration on Mazdaspeed3

I love things that make my life easy. But more often than not, tech gets more confusing and more difficult the "smarter" it gets. Which is why the Pandora integration on the Mazdaspeed3 tester was a pleasant surprise. I'd already paired my phone to the Bluetooth so I could make hands-free calls while driving (a rant for a different post), so when I was just pushing buttons to see what would happen I was amazed when the Pandora app opened on my phone and music just started to play. To make things even better, the Pandora screen that pops up on the display lets you give thumbs up or down to songs and skip what you don't want to hear. No phone handling necessary.


If you do pick up your phone, what you do see is album art for the song that is currently playing. Love.

The other thing I like about this, once you've allowed the connection, when you leave the car, Pandora stops playing on your phone. But when you get back in, the app automatically kicks back in and continues playing the song where you left off.

Finally, smart technology that really is smart.


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