April Fools'! HondaHAIR attachment for vacuum

Last week when Honda announced their on-board vacuum for the 2014 Odyssey, I didn't doubt for a minute that it existed. As a non-parent, however, I didn't quite understand the uses. But my tweeps filled me in pretty quickly mentioning "mashed Cheerios." So, while this April Fools' joke isn't quite believable, it is well-timed.

What's the best auto-related April Fools' joke you've seen today? Here's a few more I've found:

I'll update if I see more ...


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  • Ford and Ashton Martin team up--I thought they already had. There was something in C&D I received yesterday about a car that looked like a $220K Fusion.

    Craig Ferguson wants to know if the vacuum cleaner in the Honda has the proper amount of suction.

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    I wish it weren't a joke. I would by a hair attachment for my vacuum. My dog gets hair everywhere!
    Bill | http://www.rapidcleannewcastle.com.au/index.php

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    I wish they actually bring up something like this. It would totally be usefull especially for all those people with fury pets. It could be a value addition if given a thought!
    roomba vacuum

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