Snowmageddon 2013: When in the heck will I see a snow plow?

So far we've been lucky in Chicago, and we haven't seen that much snow this winter. Our luck apparently stops today. With projections of 4 to 8 inches in Chicagoland, you might wonder when a snow plow will hit  your side street. While I can't give you a time projection, I can show you this nifty tool provided by the city of Chicago that allows you to track snow plows across Chicago. Simply plug in your address to see if they're near your area.



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  • The city had publicized PlowTracker earlier.

    However, can't you get a demo model of, say, an Audi Quattro or really big 4FWD Jeep (in this case, too bad no new Hummer H2s at the moment)?

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