Chicago Auto Show: Go green!

Chicago Auto Show: Go green!

For the past month, I've been working on a Green Guide for the Chicago Tribune, and with the Chicago Auto Show in town, it seemed like as good a time as any to do a little plug for the hybrids, diesels, electric vehicles and fuel-efficient gasoline models on display at the show.


Coincidentally, the Chicago Auto Show is recreating America's first Motor Vehicle Race on Friday, Feb. 15,  using electric cars.  The Electrified Vehicle Rally will depart from the Chicago Auto Show and re-trace the same route from the original 1895 Chicago Times-Herald motor race. The goal: To show that electric-powered cars fare well even in colder climates. If you'll be around the city and want to get a glimpse of the cars in action, here's some of the stops along the route:

  • Dawes Park, Evanston
  • Chicago's Center for Green Technology
  • McCormick Place

The Chicago Auto Show runs through Monday, Feb. 18. So, there's just 5 days left to see these cars up close. Don't miss out! For more information on the show, visit the Chicago Auto Show website.


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  • Other than your sweater and one guy's coat, I didn't see much green, but red and blaze orange cars.

    Seriously, I have certain doubts whether the technology is up to prime time, with the batteries of a similar type catching fire on 787s, if they have overcome the "you have to replace your batteries every couple of years" problem, the EPA results not being close to actual, 2 liter turbos not being as gas efficient when the driver has a heavy foot (discussed in Drive He Said), and diesels having overcome their driveability problems.

    In fact, I got a laugh out of a C&D test of a Ford hybrid product, where they said that the best way to get a takeoff in the 0 to 60 and quarter mile tests was to charge up the battery by gunning the gas first. That doesn't sound so green.

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