2013 Super Bowl commercials from automakers

Did you manage to make it through the great Super Bowl blackout of 2013? If so, you probably saw most of the commercials, unless you were one of those people who actually went to the bathroom when the game wasn't on.  So, in case you missed some, I created a playlist of the commercials from automakers during The Big Game. Did I miss one? Let me know and I'll add it! Otherwise ... enjoy.


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  • I don't remember anything very memorable. Unlike the VW ad that had no point, at least the Audi (brave jerk) and MB CLA (don't have to sell your soul to afford it) ads had some point. But it seemed more obvious that someone was trying to sell a green early 60s Plymouth to old folks farting at the Taco Bell.

    Most of the commentators were slobbering over Paul Harvey for farmers, but I doubt that farmers care much about the style of their Ram or other pickups. At first I thought it was a commercial for Case-IH, another Fiat company.

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