VW launches 2013 Super Bowl Commercial

For the past 2 years, VW has managed to create memorable Super Bowl commercials. I mean, who doesn't remember the cute kid dressed as Darth Vader who managed to turn on the Passat using the force? Or what about the overweight dog who had to train so it could keep up with the new Beetle as it races down the street? This year, VW takes a different track. The question is: Will it be as successful as the last 2?

Get happy, mon, and leave your opinions below. Yay or nay?


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  • Unless the point was that German Engineering can turn Minnesotans into Jamaicans, this doesn't work.

    At least last year's CR-V commercial, while not as expected, had a point.

  • jack -- i have to say, i kind of agree with you. usually VW does a better job than this ... loved the little vader one!

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