Today's Rave: Honda LaneWatch

Today's Rave: Honda LaneWatch
Honda LaneWatch

Last week I had the opportunity to drive the all new Honda Accord Coupe. And, while I was curious, I wasn't quite looking forward to it. After a week, I can honestly say: I'd buy this car. Yeah, I said it. I'd buy a Honda Accord. Of course, it'd have to be the coupe ... and it would need to be equipped with a manual transmission and the V-6. But for $30K, I'd absolutely buy this car.

And, LaneWatch, today's rave is just one of the reasons why.

I've never seen a feature like this, and the first time I turned on my blinker, I nearly swerved into the cars it was trying to help me avoid. LaneWatch is activated when you hit the right turn signal, and gives you a wide-angle view of the passenger-side roadway. The view is courtesy of a camera position below the passenger-side exterior mirror.

This is one of the coolest, and most helpful, new features I've seen on a car recently. Well done, Honda.


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  • I have an older one. I don't think I would buy the newer one because it is too big compared to that one. And, as for cameras, it better have them on the right back and center back too. I punched out a taillight backing out of a parking space and hit the bumper of a jacked up pickup truck which was not in the space immediately across the aisle, but about three spaces over to my right. Basically speaking, since 1990, you can't see out the back of a car.

    But then, the Acura ILX seems too small. Is Goldilocks available?

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    In reply to jack:

    The NEW Accords do have a back up camera that has standard, wide angle and top down view. As well as back up sensors to alert you to objects or cars behind you. However, I think the backup sensor is either omitted, or disabled when you backup, which by default is activated when the car is in reverse. Also has a parking guide.

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    The Honda Accord is one of the best-selling automobiles of all time. There’s no secret to the Accord’s successful run. Honda simply refuses to compromise when it comes to overall automotive quality. Although the Accord has plenty of attractive interior and exterior features, its reputation rests on simple, rock-solid mechanical reliability. The 2012 Honda Accord continues this tradition while offering a number of praiseworthy improvements.

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  • well I am not sure how I feel about this honda rave I have always been a toyota fan but now I feel like honda is taking away the attention of most people including me.
    tyres Farnborough

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