Jill vs. the Chevrolet Cruze ... again

Those of you who follow me know that I've had an ongoing battle with the Chevrolet Cruze and my fuel economy. So, when I ended up in a low-mileage 2013 Chevrolet Cruze as a rental car, I figured I'd see if I could do any better this time. And I encouraged my tweeps to make guesses on where my final numbers would fall. I storified the conversation so you could see the end result -- and who made the closest guess. I have to say, I'm proud of myself this time around. Well, except for the speeding ticket (cough).




2013 Chevrolet Cruze: Jill vs the MPG

I had the 2013 Chevrolet Cruze as a rental last week. It was an LT model with the 1.4-liter turbo 4-cylinder engine that the EPA estimates city/hwy 26/38 mpg. So, given my history, I did an all-call for guesses on what my final MPGs would be in 500+ miles of mostly highway driving. The results ...

Storified by jill ciminillo· Thu, Jan 17 2013 07:28:19

Jill vs the mpg ... Not bad for @chevrolet #cruze ...jillciminillo
I'm driving a @chevrolet #cruze as a rental car this week. Will get in close to 500 miles. Wanna play the MPG guessing game?Jill Ciminillo
@jillciminillo Mostly highway or city?Crystal Freeman
@AutoNomm mostly hwy ... 70 mph speed limitJill Ciminillo
@jillciminillo @chevrolet I'll guess 37 MPG.Crystal Freeman
@AutoNomm @chevrolet ok ... I'm putting it in the books :)Jill Ciminillo
@jillciminillo @chevrolet I hope I'm close! Is this game like the Price is Right showcase where if I'm over I lose?Crystal Freeman
something like that! “@AutoNomm: @chevrolet I hope I'm close! Is this game like the Price is Right showcase where if I'm over I lose?”Jill Ciminillo
@jillciminillo nice car the Cruze? What do you think of the styling?Ed
@bisdakdudefrLA love the styling ... @chevrolet did a great job w/ interior and exterior styling!Jill Ciminillo
@jillciminillo overall, right? 37mpgC c
@peachkiller85 yes ... Overall, and I did hit reset! :)Jill Ciminillo
@jillciminillo I'm go with 32....ladies, do I have all 2 numbers, correct? *waits for horn*C c
@peachkiller85 you have to wait until Friday! :)Jill Ciminillo
@jillciminillo haha. I gave 2 bids. We shall see! Long as you don't drive it like you stole it!C c
@peachkiller85 ah ... But only the last guess countsJill Ciminillo
@jillciminillo *throws hands up* well, I have until fri to rig it to win lolC c
@jillciminillo ok...feel like tpir...higher or lower...lolC c
@peachkiller85 :) you know the answer to that with me, right?Jill Ciminillo
@jillciminillo yep...too high *plays tpir loser music*C c
@peachkiller85 :/Jill Ciminillo
@jillciminillo I shall...for my heart to be broken lolC c
@peachkiller85 oh ye of little faithJill Ciminillo
@jillciminillo I bid 30.1mpg on you versus the Cruze.Mike Sirach
so, i'm driving a @chevrolet #cruze rental this week (2013)... any guesses on MPGs for around 500 miles (mostly highway)?Jill Ciminillo
@jillciminillo 28.Speed:Sport:Life
35 mpg? @jillciminilloDavid Thomas
@jillciminillo @chevrolet I'm going to bet you average 34-36. But it depends on where you are driving. If you were in CO I'd say 43-44.Wil Randolph
26mpg. RT "@jillciminillo: so, i'm driving a @chevrolet #cruze rental this week (2013)... any guesses MPGs for around 500 miles highway)?"Ed
@jillciminillo @chevrolet 28 - 34 mpg if you are yourself. 35 to 38 mpg if you are not ;) ^WGWayne Gerdes
@CleanMPG @jillciminillo Does Wayne get to guess? His expertise should disqualify him. LOL Let us know if he is right.Kathy Graham
@KathyatChrysler @cleanmpg no range! Give me a specific number!!!Jill Ciminillo
@jillciminillo @CleanMPG I will go with 34.Kathy Graham
@jillciminillo @KathyatChrysler :p ;) ^WGWayne Gerdes
29.7 RT @jillciminillo: so, i'm driving a @chevrolet #cruze rental this week (2013)... any guesses on MPGs for around 500 miles?Brandon Thomas
@CleanMPG @kathyatchrysler not kidding, give me your best guess. i'll take a picture and tweet it when i turn in the car on friday ...Jill Ciminillo
@TheCarGuy4All @chevrolet ok ... so you gotta pick a specific # ... and i'm in hilly MO this week ...Jill Ciminillo
@jillciminillo @chevrolet Alright, well assuming it isn't an eco, and is rental, and at 1000-2000 ft, I'm going to go with 36 mpg avg.Wil Randolph
So are the final guesses in for my MPGs in the @chevrolet #cruze rental? Total miles were 532 ... And lots of hills and hwy driving.Jill Ciminillo
@jillciminillo @chevrolet I still think 34.Jo Borras
@jillciminillo 35C c
@peachkiller85 final answer ... ?Jill Ciminillo
@jillciminillo yep...if its beats my guess...ill just SmhC c
@bisdakdudefrLA @jillciminillo @chevrolet what's my guess right? 26mpg on the Cruze?Ed
@jillciminillo yep...*plays the yodel song for the cliffhanger game*C c
@peachkiller85 hahahahaha speed limit in MO is 70 mphJill Ciminillo
@peachkiller85 just want to make sure all the final guesses are in. To be continued ...Jill Ciminillo
@jillciminillo I would do 75 to 80 then :-/C c
@jillciminillo @chevrolet I'm dying to know! What time is the reveal!?Crystal Freeman
@AutoNomm @chevrolet I'm hopping on a flight and want to storify this ... So probably a couple hours out. Letting the suspense build ...Jill Ciminillo
I wonder if I can expense this... ? It's already been a day and it's not noon yet. Don't ask about the venti http://instagr.am/p/UWjX_aoKHt/Jill Ciminillo
@jillciminillo This doesn't bode well for your fuel economy...Rich M
@RichXKU it does if you consider the fact that I had 2 more hours of driving after that and went exactly the speed limit.Jill Ciminillo
@jillciminillo LOL! Should have compared the average fuel before and after ;)Rich M
@RichXKU :) I bet my fuel economy will be phenomenal for the foreseeable future ...Jill Ciminillo

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