Today's Rave: Phone pairing in motion

Today's Rave: Phone pairing in motion

One of my biggest pet peeves in a car is being unable to do things while the car is in motion. From setting the navigation system to pairing your phone, I get very annoyed when I can't perform a function in crawling traffic. Especially if I have a passenger in the car who is fully capable of not keeping her eyes on the road. So, when I discovered that you can, in fact, pair a phone while the Chrysler 200 is in motion, I was utterly elated. The car does ask the obligatory are-you-a-passenger question, but then lets you proceed with pairing. Even better, there isn't a lot of hands-on button pushing to get the phone paired. Most of it is voice activated. Well, done.

Oh, and my parents thank you, Chrysler, because all that makes it easier for me to phone home.

Now the touch screen graphics could use a little bit of an upgrade ... but that's another story for another time.

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