Today's Rave: Toyota Prius c trip summary

Today's Rave: Toyota Prius c trip summary

My first drive in the Toyota Prius c was a 300-mile straight shot between Chicago and Lima, Ohio. And I was more than ready to get out of the car by the time I got there. So, I missed the Trip Summary that appears when you shut off the car. Then every time I shut off the car after that, I'd try to get a photo. But by the time I fumbled through my purse to get my phone, the summary disappeared. Today, I finally manage to get it.

I have to imagine Wayne Gerdes at CleanMPG would be proud. I was at 4.3 mpg above the EPA estimate for combined driving on my way to work.

But the coolest thing about this summary (IMHO) is the Fuel Cost.

When I posted this photo to Instagram and Twitter, I got a flurry of questions about how this field populates.

What would be cooler than cool is if this feature was able to read local fuel costs automatically and update based on location and fluctuating gas prices. But, at this point, it's not. After spending some time RTFM'ing (reading the, um, manual), I discovered that you have to go into the ECO Savings menu and manually input the price.

So, labor intensive? Yes. But, if you buy a car like this, you're likely trying to save money and use less fuel. So, is it worth it? Yes.

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