Today's Rant: Ride and handling in the Dodge Charger

Today's Rant: Ride and handling in the Dodge Charger

Let me start by saying, I really liked the Dodge Charger overall. I like the looks and the comfortable driver's seat. And I'm a huge fan of the V-6 Pentastar engine mated to the 8-speed automatic transmission. Which is why I am really disappointed by the ride and handling.

Simply stated, it drives like a boat.

It's more floaty than connected to the road. And, my biggest complaint: The turning radius is awful for city spaces. From my tight alley parking space to my sister's compact multi-level parking garage, I found myself constantly doing 3-point turns to round corners.

If you don't have to deal with city spaces much, however, this might not be a deal breaker. Regardless, when you test drive the Charger, I strongly recommend spending time doing things you do on a regular basis (pulling into garages, parallel parking, etc.) to make sure you're comfortable. Then again, I'd recommend doing that with any car ...

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