GirlintheTrunk meets CrutchGirl :/

GirlintheTrunk meets CrutchGirl :/

So, I managed to break my foot. It's a lovely spiral fracture with a 50 percent displacement (and, yeah, that's a link to the X-ray). Since I'm a runner and habitually wear 5-inch heels, surgery seemed to be the best option. Thus, I'm relegated to crutches and a big-ass (notice the compound modifier) cast for the next 6 weeks. (Not big ass-cast, thank you very much).

I post this to explain why my blog entries have been a bit sparse over the past few weeks ... and to give you the heads up that there will likely be some crutchy posts over the next several weeks. For example, I've already discovered that the hop-in height of a Jeep Wrangler isn't unmanageable thanks to a well-placed oh-sh** handle, and a Mini Cooper does fit crutches in the back seat ... barely.

Pictures to follow, I'm sure.

In the meantime, if anyone has anecdotes, tips or funny stories on dealing with crutches ... I'd love to hear them in the comment section below! CrutchGirl needs some cheering up ...


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    I can tell you that your armpits will be pretty sore. It helps if you put most of the weight on your hands and use your forearm muscles. I guess that isn't funny at all =( Good luck recovering!

  • I don't have any anecdotes, but it does appear that you could have a new journalism career based on a series of columns on how crutches, walkers, the cane with 4 feet,* etc. work when dealing with cars and handicap parking spaces.

    *Suggested by Sean's observation that crutches hurt the armpits,

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