Car du Jour

Recently, a couple of my tweeps (cough, @dfsullivan and @tmacrito) were giving me a little grief about the use of the term "car du jour" for my testers when I typically have them for the week. So, I just wanted to set the record straight a little bit and let you know that, yes, I understand that "du jour" means of the day.

I was trying for creative and catchy, not a literal interpretation of French.

So, I mean this in the nicest possible way, but, deal with it. I'm keeping it anyway. And, if you're looking for tweets on my weekly tester, feel free to follow #cardujour. And, if you like talking all things auto, @dfsullivan and @tmacrito aren't bad people to follow. Just expect some snark thrown in with your car talk.

PS: The other purpose of this blog is to test out the new WordPress app on my iPad. Thoughts? Anything look hinky, or does it appear to be business as usual?

PPS: This week's car du jour is the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG. More to come. ...


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  • Unless someone else won WWII, that sounds like das Auto des Tag. You might also have El carro del dia. In fact, I don't think there are any cars from France around here, although Nissan might, but probably won't, bring back the Renault.

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