Today's Rave: Heated things in the Buick Verano

Today's Rave: Heated things in the Buick Verano

I am perpetually cold. I mean, I'm the marathon runner who, once the temperature dips below 60 degrees, wears pants, long sleeve shirts and, yes, gloves stuffed with handwarmers. And, yes, my running group does make fun of me. Loudly. Whatevs.

However, this is the backstory that helps you understand just how fully I appreciate heated things in cars. I have been a loud proponent for years of heated seats such that I will never buy a car that doen't have them. But my new favorite feature: the heated steering wheel.

While heated seats have become a standard, the heated wheel is still relatively rare and luxurious and usually found in the likes of Lexus, Mercedes and Jaguar. So, when I see it on cars that cost less than $40K, I'm thrilled.

Enter the Buick Verano, which I thoroughly loved.

This is a great car with a base price of about $23,470. And this is with standard features such as OnStar, Bluetooth, remote start, SiriusXM Radio and (very important in my line of work) trunk emergency release handle. I had the test vehicle with the Leather Group, which added standard features such as leather seats, navigation, Bose premium audio system, keyless entry with push-button start and (the best part) heated seats and steering wheel. Standard.

As tested price? $27,645. And, that is the true rave.


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  • It seems like the small luxury car segment is coming back.

    With regard to always being cold (which applied to my girlfriend, who is also petite), the rule seems to be like hamsters, i.e. the smaller you are, the more relative surface area you have, so you radiate more heat.

    I like heated seats, but with the 80 degree winter weather we had this year, didn't use them much. The heated steering wheel cuts down on the doubt about "do I have to keep my gloves on, when it is near zero outside, until the heater comes on?"

  • In reply to jack:

    :) i hate being cold ... and i tend to use heated seats even when it's 100 degrees outside. crazy, but true. the heated steering wheel is my new love. had it on the dodge grand caravan test car, which made me not hate that i was driving a minivan ... as much.

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